About Mala Thrissur Kerala

Mala, often known as Mala Thrissur, is a growing town located in the southern part of Thrissur district in Kerala state, India. It is also known as Mala Trichur or Thrissur Mala or Trichur Mala. Mala is about 40 km towards the north from the present day city of Kochi and approximately 14 Km from Chalakudy, Kodungallur and Irinjalakuda.

Mala Kerala

The Name "Mala" Derived From "Mal-Aha" Means Centre of Refugee

The name "Mala" is said to have derived from the Hebrew word "Mal-Aha" which means "Center of Refugee". Mala is one of the most popular and important destinations among Keralites. It has a glorious past and a rich cultural heritage where people of all caste and creed came from all parts of the world for business and settlement. Pilgrims like the Jews (Israelite), the Konkanis and the Kudumbies chose Mala as the best place for settlements, the ambience generated by its nature, verity are irresistible.

Mala Kerala ornamented by different rivers, backwaters and small hills, with its green palms swaying in the wind and rich paddy fields offers an ideal spot for any tourist.

With the redrawing of constituencies, Mala became part of the Kodungallur Assembly constituency and Chalakudi Lok Sabha constituency.

General overview of Mala Thrissur Kerala

Mala Thrissur in the Ancient Times

The small town has its own unique scenic beauty with back-waters and Arabian Sea. Thrissur Mala had inland water ways and rivers connecting the main trade centers of Kerala which in turn made an Ancient trade market, curiously, most of these waterways are still safe for navigation and as a part of the tourism promotion projects.

Special care is taken to develop them into enjoyable water theme sports. The enchanting rivers, criss-crossing canals and gurgling streams made this fertile land rich with coconut, arecanut, tapioca, banana, rice, ginger, pepper and vegetable plantations.

Ethnic And Cultural Diversity of India Reflects at Mala

Those who came to Mala for business and trade, enchanted by the magical experience of nature in all its virgin beauty settled and established their own religious cults and own cultures. The vast ethnic and cultural diversity of India is truly reflected here at Mala in the variety of lifestyles and religious traditions of Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews and Konkanis.

Mala kulam, Mala town

Religious and Political Harmony of Thrissur Mala, Kerala

In those ancient period of Mala, ceremonial sounds from four places of worship (Temple, Synagogue, Mosque, and Church within the Mala town limit) were heard simultaneously proclaiming the religious unity of people dwelling at Mala and its surroundings.

Golden Era of Mala, Thrissur Kerala

Malakadavu at Mala-Thrissur was once a hive of activity and Mala was a main trading center of the Jews because of its close proximity to waterways having access to many important ports in Kerala. Ornamented by different rivers, backwaters and hills, Mala with its green palms swaying in the wind and rich paddy fields offers an ideal spot for any tourist.

About Mala Thrissur Kerala - Mala Chaal and SBI Bank Mala

Among developing towns of India, Mala has a prominent position that encompasses a wide range of people from different backgrounds contributing to the development of this peaceful town. Although, neighbouring towns show signs of religious and political disturbances, Mala is totally unaffected, keeping complete harmony in these spaces.

Significant Places in Mala Kerala

The Jewish Cemetery is a place of historic significance in Mala. Many decades ago there existed a Jewish community. Their old synagogue is still kept as a monument in Mala town. One of the oldest Carmelite Monasteries is located in this town namely Kottackal St. Theresa's Monastery, which is built by Blessed Chavara Kuriakose in AD 1867.

There is a Kongini Temple "Mukunda Krishna Swami Kshetram" near Malakulam. "Muhyudhin Juma Masjid" in Mala is one among the oldest ten Masjids in India. St. Stanislaus Church situated at Mala is the only church in India which is named after this saint. The famous Pambu Mekkattu Mana (temple) is located at Vadama near to Mala, which attracts thousands of devotees every year.

Also famous Iranikkulam Mahadeva Kshetram is just 7 km away from Mala town. This divine place is famous for the "Panchaiswaryangal" (means 5 miracles) and the unique Brahmani Pattu, a ritual in Kerala for praying to the goddess Parvati. In this temple the ladies from vadakke pushpakam house do the ritual every day. Important festival here is in Thiruvathira days and unmarried girls from across Kerala come here to pray to the goddess Parvati for successful marriages.

Malakadavu Mala, Thrissur

Malakadavu (Mala kadavu)

Malakadavu or Mala Kadavu (Mala + kadavu - kadavu means a type of localized boat jetty or small port in local language Malayalam) is considered to be the "Gateway" of ancient Mala.

History of Malakadavu

It was through this kadavu (jetty) travelers, pilgrims and businessmen came to Mala for trading and establishing their own institutions. In the ancient days as there were no road transportation facilities available, water transport was the main source of transport.

It had been used to transport goods like pepper, coconut, arecanut, leather, teakwood, beetle leaves etc. to Trivandrum, Kochi and Musiris.

Blessed Fr. Chavara Kuriakose came to Mala through this waterway and established the famous Kottackal CMI Seminary (St. Theresa's Monastry, Kottackal), one of the pilgrim centers of Mala. The Boat services through this kadavu were prevalent up to 1958.

Let images from history, filled with the hustle and bustle of Jews, Christians, Muslims, Konkanis and Kudumbies flash past you, as the cool breeze caress your hair at Malakadavu.

This Place arouse a nostalgic feelings of that glorious past, where "Kettuvallams" sway to the rhythm of melodious boat-songs.

Paythuruth Mala Kerala

A bit of land amidst the serene waters of Chalakudy river, near Kundoor, only 9 km from Mala Town "Paythuruth" is a fascinating experience. Abundantly blessed by nature with agriculture products and green vegetation this island gives a bird's eye view of "God's own contry". It is one of the rare islands where of this kind where we get pure drinking water.  Paythuruth has rich resources for fostering tourism especially "village tourism". Many families in different caste and creed live peacefully here in harmony.

Nedumkotta Mala Thrissur Kerala

Nedumkotta (means long fort in Malayalam language) - It was a militarily strategic Fort built by Thiruvithamkur Maharaja Karthika Thirunal Ramavarma to prevent the invasion of Samoodiri and Tippu Sultan. Beginning from the coastal area of Arabian Sea, to the Western Khat the fort was 56 km in length and was strong enough to protect the kingdom.

Nedumkotta was a well planned fort with huge trenches measuring 8 meters depth and 6 meters width running parallel to the fort. There were Bamboo plants and thorny plants above the trenches to prevent easy attack. The fort starts from Vyppin and extends to Eastern parts of the riverside of Sampaloor and finally reaching to Anamalai hills. The Nedumkotta was designed by Eustatius Denaduct Delanoy and its expense was met by Kochi Ruler.

In December 29th, 1789, Tippu Sultan attacked the Kotta but in the counter attack of Thiruvithamkur military, Tippu got a setback. Many parts of the Kotta were destroyed in this attack. Tippu couln't continue his campaign as he had to return to Mysore to resist the British Attack in Sriranga Pattanam.

Nedumkotta (long fort), Krishnankotta (fort of Krishna), Kottamuri (broken part of the fort), Kottavathil (door of the fort), Vattakotta (arch shaped area of the fort), and Kottappuram (outer part of the Fort) were some of the names still heard in this connection. Even though the forts which protected in the past had gone the valour of the Military men of the bygone era and their engineering skill and patriotism still remains in our hearts deep rooted.

Transportation Facilities at Mala

The villagers residing Mala and its adjascent localities are blessed with a good transport system. The public and private transport systems are fairly better here compared to the other places in Kerala. Mala has a KSRTC Sub depot, which is situated adjacent to the old Malakadavu. Many buses are plying to different areas of the State including capital city Trivandrum.


There is also one private bus stand in the town. The KSRTC depot is adjacent to old Malakkadavu and the Private bus stand is in the centre of the town. Major developmental projects are being carried out in this location.

The Boat service was depended for travelling, before road transport system was established.

Celebrities in Mala, Kerala

Mala was the pet constituency of the former Chief Minister of Kerala, Sri.K.Karunakaran and he made it his way to the State Assembly, a number of times. The famous comedian of the Malayalam film industry Sri. Mala Aravindan is from Ambazhakadu, Mala.

Ayurveda at Mala Kerala

Ayurveda has attention of medical men not only within India but many other countries including developed countries like United States, Germany etc. Over the past few decades, interest in Ayurvedic medicine has grown rapidly worldwide, using the interpretations of Vedic books.

Ayurveda is now recognized as one of the foremost and reliable systems of traditional and natural medicine, with deep spiritual and yogic insights. In this contexts, our India Government and State Governments have taken positive steps to bring forward the benefits of Ayrveda to their people. Mala is traditionally well known for Ayurveda treatments. Late K.P Pathrose Vaidyan Kandamkulathi is one among many others. There are many Ayurvedic Institutions existed at Mala and neighboring places in both Government sector and private sector.

Nearby Places and Locations in Mala, Kerala

The nearby places are Ambazhakkadu, Valiyaparambu, Kuruvilassery, Ashtamichira, Poyya, Krishnan Kotta, Pooppathy, Vadama, Annamanada, Meladur, Keezhadoor, Vennur, Palayamparambu, Sampaloor, Vynthala, Pazhukkara, Naithakudy, Mala Pallippuram, Kundur, Kuzhur, Eravathur, Kuzhikkattussery, Kundayi, Puthenchira, Maniyamkavu, Kunnatheri, Marekkad, Pindani, Mamkidi, Velloor, Puliparambu, are some of them only.

Mala Post Office and PIN Code

Mala Post office is in the heart of the town. Mala Pincode: 680732.

Govt. Offices at Mala

Mala has many State and central govt. offices with easy access. Vadama and Valiyaparambu are important places where Govt. offices locate and function.