Ayurveda at Mala Kerala

Ayurveda has attention of medical men not only within India but many other countries including developed countries like United States, Germany etc. Over the past few decades, interest in Ayurvedic medicine has grown rapidly worldwide, using the interpretations of Vedic books.

Ayurveda Mala

Ayurveda is now recognized as one of the foremost and reliable systems of traditional and natural medicine, with deep spiritual and yogic insights. In this contexts, our India Government and State Governments have taken positive steps to bring forward the benefits of Ayrveda to their people. Mala is traditionally well known for Ayurveda treatments. Late K.P Pathrose Vaidyan Kandamkulathi is one among many others. There are many Ayurvedic Institutions existed at Mala and neighboring places in both Government sector and private sector.

This section provides information about the Ayurvedic facilities available in Mala and neighboring places.