Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About CBSE Exam, Feb, 2014

CBSE Students generally should know what are the basic rules about their Exams and its procedures. Here we give Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) relevant to CBSE Exams. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About CBSE Exam, Feb, 2014

Q1. If a CBSE student studying in IX th Standard having eye / ear problem and doctors certified it, does he get any special consideration or relaxation in his studies?

As per the nature of the medical certificate he may allow more time to write CBSE School Exam and an assistant's help can be allowed to write SA2 Examination.

Q2. How will students get admit card and time-table for CBSE Economics Compartment Examinations? Is Examination effective along with regular batch?

The admit card will be sent in the first week of February in their home addresses and for the time table visit The exam will conduct along with regular batch.

Q3. When will students know their centre for +2 CBSE improvement exam? Is the OTBA (Open Text Based Assessment) system affected them?

The centre of exam will be informed in the first week of February. OTBA system will not affect them in this academic year.

Q4. One of the students has applied for CBSE +2 Maths, Physics and Chemistry Improvement exam. But later he had changed his decision and wants to improve Maths only. Is there any problem regarding this?

The student has choice to improve and the statement of mark for improvement will be given separately.

Q5. One CBSE student had registered the theory and practical exams in the last year, but he had attempted only for practical exam. Now in this year he registered privately for writing theory exam and wrote 'absent' in column of practical. Is it required to repeat the practical?

There is no need to repeat if he had passed the practical exam.

Q6. When will the result of CBSE +2 Improvement publish?

By the first week of June.

Q7. Is the supplementary materials in CBSE Maths and Chemistry important?

The students must study supplementary material noticed in the academic website (

Q8. Only one day gap is for the CBSE Biology Examination to prepare. Is it possible to make the time table to get 2 or 3 days gap to study?

The time table is prepared with one day gap and already announced. So it cannot be changed. Here is the link to download it.

Q9. Is the Clerks table allowable in the CBSE examination hall?

The Clerks and Logarithm tables are allowed for the Maths, Physics and Chemistry examination.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About CBSE, 02-02-2014  and Date sheet / time table for the secondary exam 2014 -Sheet -1


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About CBSE, 02-02-2014  and Date sheet / time table for the secondary exam 2014 -Sheet -2


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