Govt. ITI for Women, Chalakudy (Vanitha ITI Chalakudy) Thrissur, Kerala

The Govt. ITI for Women, Chalakudy (Vanitha ITI), established in August 1990 had broken all conventional believes that women cannot work in industries. The institute is located in Chalakudy, Thrissur District, Kerala. This institute has a very large campus, enabling developments to any extend.

Govt. ITI for Women, Chalakudy (Vanitha ITI Chalakudy) Thrissur, Kerala

The ITI was started with just three units and now it became 6 units in three trades, namely Electronic Mechanic, Mechanic Radio and Television and Computer Operator and Programming Assistant.

The Industrial Training Institute (ITI) for Women, Chalakudy has been established with the core aim of economically developing and empowering women from all sections of the society by equipping them with various skills.

Training Courses

The training in this Institute is free of cost which enables aspirants from any sector to acquire knowledge. This reduces unemployment among educated youth by equipping them for suitable employment.

The vision of the institute is mainly women empowerment through systematic industrial training for improving the quality and number of skilled women workers.

This would really make better results in the Industry as women are supposed to be the best creation of god. The institution seeks to impart a trainee oriented, value based, skill-development training, to enable the trainees, face the challenges of the changing global scenario in the years ahead.


This Institute has state to art infrastructure facilities.  The further growth of the institute is favoured by sufficient water supply and extra high-tension electricity supply. Trained labours are employed in every work. This facilitates industrial development and thereby economic growth of the nation. 

The scope for new trades in Civil as well as electronics is very high. By providing good education, they ensure steady flow of skilled workers to different trades in the industry.

The curriculum is designed in such a way to develop a physically, intellectually and emotionally viable trainee. This enables them to become an efficient, technically skilled citizen, or a successful entrepreneur.

Our country is in need of highly skilled female craftsman in various fields. The institute is at top position among other institutes. Courses offered in the institute are intended to strengthen the quantitative and qualitative need for skilled labours in the industry. Materialising their goal is not very difficult as they had begun well.

Significant efforts are being made, to make the institute able to attain excellence. The mission of the institute is to provide skilled training to make them able to work in Industries, consequently reducing unemployment.

The institute provide best learning environment for the trainees and give them ample opportunities to realize their potential. Education here emphasizes on personality development and individual aptitudes towards the industry.

The institute conducts short-term courses in Auto-CAD, architectural drawings, multi-media and office automation. MS-Office & Internet, PageMaker and Photoshop, web Designing are also conducted as part of continuing education.

Campus of Women ITI Chalakudy

In the campus itself there are different ways to make income also. The institute can successfully carry out maintenance of various electronic equipments such as Television, Radio, Mobile phone, Washing machine and computers by acting as a service centre. 

Consultancy services related to construction industry can also be provided in reasonable rates. Jobs such as Data Entry Services, Transcription services, DTP Works etc can also be taken up with the help of skilled staff and trainees.

The courses are offered as follows:

1.     Electronic Mechanic (Upgradation)
2.     Draughtsman Civil
3.     Interior Decoration and Designing
4.     Fashion Technology

Short Term Courses - Institute provides short term training as follows:

1.     Data Entry Operator (2 months)
2.     Desktop Publishing (3 months)

Address for communication:

Phone: 0480 – 2700816,