Gramika Kuzhikkattussery

A group of talented people started Gramika as a small trust to empower talented kids and youth from Kuzhikkattussery where it has been started. It is registered as a trust and now diversified into many fields all related to cultural and educational activities.

Gramika Kuzhikkattussery

Gramika focuses mainly culture, folklore, health, indigenous wisdom, emancipation of women, education etc. It always welcome open discussions on various cultural, political and social issues from the region.

"Any political or ideological barriers do not restrict us. Let the doors and windows of the heart remain opened", according to Gramika's founder and Managing Trustee Mr. Kittan.


In The News

Gramika Academy Annual Day Celebration 2016

Date: 29-04-2016

Gramika Academy Kuzhikkattussery celebrates its annual day on 30th April, 2016 at their academy campus. Featured programs are:

  1. Sangeetha kachery - 10 am: Adoor P. Sudarsan, Thiruvizha Viju S. Anand, Palakkad Hari Narayanan and Kadanad G. Ananthakrishnan.
  2. Sangeetha Saayaannam - 1 noon: Music programme conducted by the students from Gramika Academy
  3. Nrutholsavam - 6:30 pm: Students from Gramika Academy
  4. Nruthanruthyangal: Bharathanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Fusion Dance, Group Dance, Oppana, Rajasthani Nrutham, Cinematic Dance.