Karingachira Anchalppetty Puthenchira, Mala Thrissur

Anchalpetty and the Police Outpost building at Karingachira in Puthenchira. The Anchalpetty at Karinguchira remind us to retrace an Era of Kings and Queens, slaves and palaces.

Image of Anchalpetty and Old Police Station at karingachira, Puthenchira

Anchalpetty was the primitive method of sending postal articles from one place to another through a bearer, who runs speedily through the available roads. The "Anchal Runner" wears a special uniform and hold an iron rod in his hand; he also wears bells around his waste. When the Anchal man is on the run, everybody on the road should give way to the runner.

Photo Gallery of Anchalpetty and Puthenchira Karingachira.

It was Colonel Munroe, who gave this "Anchal" to this postal system. Primarily it was free of cost, but in the course of time Sir C.T. Madhavarayar, "Divan" of Thiruvithamkur implemented charges for this service.  The Anchalpetty at Puthenchira was mainly meant to collect the postal goods coming at Kallettumkara Railway station (Irinjalakuda railway station) and to send it to different parts of Kochi and Thiruvithamkur.

This Postal system has survived so far in spite of great calamities giving us a glimpse of our past heritage.