Karuna Bhavan, Mala Kerala

Karuna Bhavan, Mala, Home for the Aged and Infirm, Sisters of the Destitute, Mala, Thrissur.

Phone number for Karuna Bhavan, Mala, Thrissur, Kerala: +91-480-2890744

Karuna Bhavan, Mala Thrissur District, Kerala, India

Postal Address of Karunabhavan Mala: Sisters of the Destitute, Karunabhavan, Mala, Thrissur District, Kerala, India, PIN-680 732

Sisters of the Destitute is anchored on the compassionate of love of Jesus Christ, the Son of God who, though rich, became a poor Destitute in order to share the salvific love of the Heavenly Father with the destitute and the marginalized.

Identity of Sisters Of The Destitute

Sisters of the Destitute are specially called, set apart and sent to configure with Christ the Compassionate and the Destitute who became obedient unto death on the cross and thus enter into the Trinitarian communion of love, by living as a community in the Church.

Goal of Sisters Of The Destitute

It is their goal to participate in the Trinitarian love and give greater glory to God by constantly becoming a holocaust through configuration with Christ the Compassionate and the Destitute who became obedient unto death and leading the humanity, especially the destitute and the poor to this communion of love.

Commitment of Sisters Of The Destitute

Sisters Of The Destitute commit themselves with a single–minded, irrevocable and firm determination to strive towards this goal.

Hence they free themselves from all that prevent them from living the perfect configuration with Christ and manifesting His inner attitudes in the community and in all the humanity especially among those who are destitute and poor, and further more they direct all their wishes, desires, choices, decisions and actions towards the realisation of that goal.

Vision of Sisters Of The Destitute

Rooted in God consciousness, they respond to the prophetic call to promote the new way of life initiated by Jesus to reach out to humanity with compassion particularly, to the destitute.

Web site of Sisters Of The Destitute: www.sistersofthedestitute.com