Mala Aravindan - Famous Malayalam Movie Actor And Comedian

Mala Aravindan, a famous Malayalam movie actor and comedian born in Thrissur, Kerala as the eldest son of Ayyappan, an Excise department employee and Ponnamma, a school teacher.

Mala Aravindan - Movie artist, comedian, drama artist, Mala, Vadama, Thrissur, Kerala

Later, Mala Aravindan, migrated his location to Mala and started using the place name along with his name. Aravindan started his film career in 1968 movie Sindhooram, directed by Balakrishnan.

Since then he has acted in over 100 films and established his own style which became his trademark.

Aravindan started his career as a Tabala artist. He joined stage plays and started playing Tabala as a background artist. Later, he moved into acting and started acting in professional stage plays of Kottayam National Theaters, Nadakashala, Sooryasoma, etc.

He has won Kerala State Nadaka Academy's Best Actor award for his role in Sooryasoma's play Nidhi.