Mala, The Place

Mala is the name of a small town in Thrissur district of Kerala, South India. Mala, often known as Mala Thrissur is a developing area, at the southern part of the district. It is also known as Mala Trichur or Thrissur Mala or Trichur Mala. Mala is located about 40kms towards the north from Kochi and 14kms from Chalakudy, Kodungallur and Irinjalakuda.

Mala Kerala

The name "Mala" is considered to be originated from the Hebrew word "Mal-Aha" which means "Center of Refugee". It is one of the popular and important places in Kerala, with a glorious history of cultural heritage.

Ornamented by different rivers, backwaters and small hills, Mala with its green palms swaying in the wind and rich paddy fields offers an ideal spot for any tourist.

With the redrawing of constituencies, Mala became part of the Kodungallur Assembly constituency and Chalakudi Lok Sabha constituency.


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