Mar Thoma Residential School, Thiruvalla, Pathanamthitta, Kerala

Mar Thoma Residential School, Thiruvalla was founded in 1974 by the Mar Thoma Educational Agency, Thiruvalla, Kerala, which is a charitable body registered under the Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies.  The Metropolitan of the Mar Thoma Church is the Patron of the Society.

The school started functioning with three teachers and eighteen students. Now, the school has 70 teachers and over 1000 pupils on the roll. The school is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. It has classes from LKG to STD XII. The institution enjoys the time-tested status of being one of the best schools of the council.

Mar Thoma Residential School Thiruvalla is a simple and sincere attempt to combine some of the finest features of value education. The school is founded on Christian Faith. However, it follows the strongest secular principles. It is an institution with a global perspective and founded on the traditional Indian values. The institution functions on the belief that God is Truth and true education is the pursuit of Truth.

Mar Thoma Central Residential School (CBSE), Thiruvalla, Pathanamthitta, Kerala

Academics in Mar Thoma Residential School, Thiruvalla

The school follows a comprehensive syllabus which is prepared to give the students the foundation required for the next level. Emphasis is laid on conversational English, leadership training, learning through activities and personal experience.

English language and literature, a second language (Hindi or Malayalam), History and Civics & Geography (Social Studies) and Environmental Education are compulsory Subjects. Apart from these, students have to choose three more options from Mathematics, Science, Computer Science and Economics.

In the +2 stage English and Environmental Education are the compulsory subjects. Apart from this, students can select three more subjects. Second Language (Hindi or Malayalam), Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accountancy, Commerce, Economics and Computer Science are the options.

Along with these, a Kindergarten program is designed to help children broaden their knowledge by acquiring foundation skills. This makes them able to learn and develop their talents in a wide range. The Montessori Environment helps them learn enjoyably and provides strong foundation for their intellectual, physical and social development. Class time of KG is till noon.

The school has Pre-Nursery section and day care section also. Children above two and a half years can be admitted in pre-nursery. If parents wish to keep their wards in school till 3.30 pm, Day Care facility is provided to pre-nursery and kindergarten children.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor education in the school offers an opportunity for children to get out of the class rooms and learn about natural resources. It exposes them to a cross-section of educational resources about which most books are written. The whole purpose of the outdoor education programme is to develop healthy, self-disciplined, vocationally and recreationally skillful individuals who go out to meet life with scintillation and enthusiasm.

The outdoor education is also used as part of the Socially Useful Productive Work. This can give the children practical knowledge and visual experience of the natural resources and the need of maintaining the bio­diversity of the environment. There is a very active Eco Club to monitor the outdoor education. The school is among the "Green Schools" of the National Green Corps.

Facilities in Mar Thoma Residential School, Thiruvalla

Mar Thoma Residential School always gives importance to reading. To develop this, there are 2 libraries in the campus one for the junior section (classes1-4) and a main library for students (classes 5-12) as well as teachers. The main library consists of a vibrant collection of books and periodicals and uses the most modern systems.

The whole library is divided into 3 sections. The magazine and periodical section consist of all leading magazines and newspapers to equip the students with the knowledge of current affairs. The large collection of books in the second section can be taken home for reading by students and teachers. This section contains all types of books starting from academic text books to classic stories, fiction and biographies, for all ages.

It is helpful for the children to develop their reading habit and thereby improve their vocabulary. The reference section aids the students in their studies and helps them with their projects and assignments. The library is also equipped with high speed broad band internet for more reference and information. There is a large room inside the library for the students to sit and read or study.

The school provides state of the art lab facilities to assist the students in their leaning and building practical skills. The students are given periodic lab sessions, and they are made to do practical work there. The teachers assist the students with the work.

The lab sessions are compulsory for the senior classes. The computer lab is among the best which can provide individual PC for each student attending the lab session. This lab is compulsory for all the classes from Class I. It helps the students excel in working on PCs and develop them technologically. These labs are safe and are handled by specially trained teachers.

The science laboratory sessions are compulsory for the high school and higher-secondary sections. The junior classes are given occasional training with the practical aspects of their science classes. For the youngest of them, the school has the junior lab.

The audio-visual room is a common facility for all the students of the institution. It is set up with the best equipment in visual and audio technology. The room is equipped with wall-mount projectors, home theater system which rivals any other audio equipment, public address system and other devices like computers to support e-learning.

Admission to the Mar Thoma Residential School, Thiruvalla

Application for admission must be submitted in a prescribed form which can be obtained from the school office on payment of Rs 100/-. For admission to the hostel a separate application form on payment of Rs 50/- must also be submitted. Necessary postage must be paid in advance if the forms are to be sent by post.

Admission to all classes from Std I-IX is on the basis of a test. Children are admitted to K.G classes on the basis of norms decided by the Governing Board from time to time. Admission to Std XI will commence soon after publication of the ICSE results and will be on the basis of the grade or marks scored at the qualifying examination. Children who wish to secure admission to Class I should have completed the age of 5 and a half by June 1st.

Google Location Map of Mar Thoma Residential School, Thiruvalla

Address for Communication:

Marthoma Residential School, Post Box no.1, Railway Station P.O, Thiruvalla.

Thiruvalla PIN Code: 689111

Phone no: 0469 -2701298