Mariam Thresia Hospital Kuzhikkattussery Mala

It was blessed Mariam Thresia's vision and her sincere mission with spirit of God was the only force behind this humble project of Maria Theresa Hospital. By the grace of god and kind co-operation and help many positive motivated people, the dream to have a hospital in a remote village like Kuzhikkattussery met its reality.

Mariam Thresia Hospital Kuzhikkattussery Mala

This hospital stands up as a movement of our beloved founder. Blessed Mariam Thresia to perpetuate her healing mission with love and care. With a vision of multi speciality hospital, Holyfamily Congregation started its mission. The Hospital was started particularly to provide health care to the villagers but now its access spread to the people those are miles and miles away.

History of Mariam Thresia Hospital Kuzhikkattussery

The year 1977 Holy family congregation general chapter decided to spread the vision of Blessed Mariam Thressia by initiating an institution in health care sector. So the chapter decided to start a hospital in neighbour towns either Mala or Chalakudy. But the villagers of Kuzhikkattussery requested to start it in their village.

So its journey started with a humble initial mile stone in the name Mariam Thresia Dispensary. In 1977, the hospital was inaugurated by Rev Father Joseph Kundukulam and the event was presided with great presence of Thrissur DMO Dr. Sarojini Balika. It was really a humble start-up with 15 beds.

Dr. Sr. Acquila took the charge of first administrator and chief medical officer. When hospital was facing the lack of staffs, there are a lot sisters from different locations served for us for a easy and smooth movement of the hospital. In 1988 Maria Theresa Hospital is registered as a trust under Indian Trust Act.

Now hospital is functioning well with a a lot changes and growth with various facility like Pharmacy, lab, Blood Bank, Xray, Major and Minor Operation theatre, Ultra Sound Scanning, Laparoscopy, Endoscopy, Ventilator, Incubator, Portable xray, Intensive coronary care unit, Physiotherapy unit, Family counselling centre 24 hrs to help patients and their relatives, 24 Hour Pastoral Ministry for spiritual needs, Mobile Clinic, Marian ward which is free palliative care unit for the cancer patients. Now 150 Persons are employing directly in this hospital in various departments.

MTH Kundai, Mala a 200 bedded Multi speciality Hospital

Mariam Thresia Hospital is a 200 bedded Multi speciality Hospital today. The Hospital has many departments and many facilities, which provides efficient medical care and has gained popularity over the years.

The Main medical Departments of Mariam Thresia Hospital are: Outpatient Department, Gynaecology, Maternity, Ophthalmology, ENT, General Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopaedic, Cardiology, Neurology, Paediatric, Dermatology, Endoscopy. The Hospital has a Multi-channel ECG Machine for the Diagnosis of Cardiac Conditions and functions in the OP and the ICU (Round the Clock).

Facilities In MTH Hospital Kundai, Mala

Mariam Thresia Hospital, Kuzhikkattussery was formed commitment of caring and dedication to the provision of health care services in a nurturing and healing environment, today, Mariam Thressia Hospital carries on that proud tradition providing health care services with a personal touch. MTH Hospital Kuzhikkattussery follows Mother’s life, which was completely dedicated to the society of various level.

Blessed Mother used to visit the homes of poor people as well as helpless people by illness and render her treatment by spiritual as well as health care. It was her vision too to start an organization to support the poor villagers in health care services. MTH Hospital currently has the following facilities and services:

  • Laboratory, X-Ray, ECG, Colour Doppler, Ultra Sound Scan, ECHO Cardiogram Laboratory
  • The Hospital has the latest Ultra Sound Scan Machine with Skilled Lab Technicians
  • The Hospital has Hi Tech Major and Minor Operation Theatre
  • External cephalic version (ECV)
  • Continuous Electronic Fetal monitoring
  • Non-Descent Vaginal hysterectomy
  • The Laparoscopic-Assisted (Key Hole) Hysterectomy
  • Pipelle Endometrial Sampling
  • Tubal re-canalisation
  • Free palliative care to the cancer patients
  • De-Addiction Centre
  • Freezer Mortuary
  • Ambulance
  • Blood Bank
  • Children's Park
  • Effluent Treatment Plant For Waste Water Many More
  • Diagnostic Services - 24 Hrs
  • ECG 24 Hrs
  • Ultra Sound Scan 24 Hrs
  • Ultra Sound Doppler Scan 24 Hrs
  • Family Counselling Centre 24 Hrs
  • Pastoral Ministry - 24 Hrs
  • Casualty Department - 24 hrs

Mariam Thresia School of Nursing (MTSN)

Mariam Thresia School of Nursing (MTSN), Thrissur was established in 1994. The responsibility of starting the nursing school was under taken by the board of trustees of the hospital. Mariam Thresia School of Nursing (MTSN) is recognized by Indian Nursing Council (INC) and Kerala Nurses and Midwives Council (KNMC). The institute was incepted with an objective to create and deliver qualified and proficient nurses.

To attain this objective the Nursing School conducts General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM) programme. To provide the students a learning atmosphere, the institute provides them all the basic and modern amenities. In addition, the school of Nursing provides a team of dedicated faculty members who are responsible to nurture professional nurses.

Courses: Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery;

Duration: 3 Years 6 Months full time

Contacts of Mariam Thresia Hospital Kuzhikkattussery

Address: Mariam Thresia Hospital, Kundai, Kuzhikkattussery, Mala Thrissur, Kerala

Phone: 0480-2786818, 2786828


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