Mohiyuddien Juma Masjid Mala

Mohiyuddien Juma Masjid Mala which is established in 640 AD (Hijra 60) is one of the oldest mosques in India. It is said that establishing the first mosque was at Kodungallur and second one was at Mala.

History of Mala Mohiyuddien Juma Masjid

In the ancient period, this mosque stood as a monument of religious harmony and cultural unity. In those period, ceremonial sounds from four places of worship (Mosque, Synagogue, Church and Temple) were heard at the same time proclaiming religious unity of people dwelling at Mala and surroundings.

Mohiyuddien Juma Masjid Mala

The mosque was renovated in 1995 and attained the present look. The valuable remnants and relics are kept in the mosque to commemorate the bygone past.

Mala Mohiyuddien Juma Masjid Mala

Photo Gallery of Mohiyuddien Juma Masjid, Mala.


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