Nalambalam Pilgrimage OR Nalambala Dharshanam in Kerala

There are many important places related with Lord Sree Rama in Kerala. People and devotees pray to Lord Sree Rama throughout the year by chanting the mantra Sree Rama Jayam. It is believed that the month of Karkidaka is auspicious for praying to Lord Sree Rama and reading Ramayana. It is believed that Ramayana in home should be read between the afternoon time and before the temple opening time at evening. The reason is that it is believed that all Hindu Gods and Goddesses will come to hear the chanting of Ramayana and they have to go back to their respective temples at evening. Sundrakanda should be read frequently this month to get the blessings of Lord Hanuman. There are Gayathri mantras that are part of Sundrakanda that would solve all the problems faced by the Hindu devotees.

Nalambalam Pilgrimage During The Month Karkidaka

From early time onwards it has been believed that Karkidaka is a bad time for health and other divine activities and people should pray well during this month to ward off all troubles. This month is also known as Dakshinayama time (an auspicious time for the dead ancestors).

Lord Sree Rama has many specialties in the Hindu Mythology. He is known as a God who took the form of human being to teach the people on how to face the hardships and other difficulties in life. His life taught the values of on how to deal with family members including Father, Mother and brothers. He was known as a devout husband who had only Sita Devi in his mind.

The devotees are requested to follow the principles of Lord Sree Rama in life and they should make an effort to visit the Nalambalam once every year.The ideal time for doing the Nalambalam pilgrimage is the month of Karkidaka and every month is also auspicious.

What is Nalambalam?

Lord Vishnu’s incarnations in the Threthayuga are supposed to be most important among the Avatars of the Lord. The Vishnu avatars of thetra yugam are Sree Rama, Lakshmana, Bharthan and Shathrughan.When four temples of these lords are nearby each other, we call it as Nalambalam.

What is Nalambalam Pilgrimage or Dharshanam?

Devotees should visit the four temples in one day to become part of Nalambalam pilgrimage. The Devotees should start the Nalambalam Pilgrimage by praying at Lord Sree Rama temple, followed by Lakshmana, Bharthan and Sathrughan temple before noon and finish the procedure by praying once again at Lord Sree Rama temple.

Famous Nalambalam Pilgrimage Temples in Kerala

Thrissur District: Beginning from the Sree Rama Temple, Thriprayar, to the Koodalmanickam Temple, where the presiding deity is Bharatha, on to the Lakshmana temple at Moozhikulam and ending with the Shatrughna shrine at Payammal, all in Thrissur district are the four temples in the prestigious Nalambalam. Click here to know more about these temples and how to do Nalambalam Pilgrimage here.

Kottayam District: In the Kottayam, Pala region we have the four temples, Ramapuram Sree Ramaswamy Temple, Koodappulam Sree Lakshmanaswamy Temple, Amanakara Sree Bharathaswamy Temple and Methiri Shree Sathrughnaswamy Temple. These four temples are also part of Nalambalam pilgrimage. Click here to know more about these temples and how to do Nalambalam Pilgrimage here.

Malappuram District: The four temples in Malappuram are in Puzhakattiri panchayat, Ramapuram within a radius of two kilometers, on the Perinthalmanna-Malappuram route. Ramapuram Temple, Purakkattiri (Perinthalmanna – Malappuram Route), Bharatha Temple, Vattallur Chowana,.Panangankara Lakshmana Temple and Naranath Thekkedath Shatrughna Temple.

Ernakulam - Kottayam Districts: The next set of four temples is situated in the ancient Vedanaattu Brahmin Graamam (boundary of Ernakulam-Kottayam districts). Among these temples the Shatrughna temple is in ruined state. They are Thirumarayoor Sree Rama Swami Temple, Bharathappilly Bharatha Swami Temple, Lakshmana Swami Temple and Shatrughna Swami Temple.

The advantage of Nalambalam Pilgrimage

Karkidaka is the last month of Malayalam Era and it is believed that persons having bad time to the sins committed in previous births will get free from those sins when they do Nalambalam Pilgrimage.