Nedumkotta Mala Thrissur Kerala

Nedumkotta (means long fort in Malayalam language) - It was a militarily strategic Fort built by Thiruvithamkur Maharaja Karthika Thirunal Ramavarma to prevent the invasion of Samoodiri and Tippu Sultan. Beginning from the coastal area of Arabian Sea, to the Western Khat the fort was 56 km in length and was strong enough to protect the kingdom.

Nedumkotta was a well planned fort with huge trenches measuring 8 meters depth and 6 meters width running parallel to the fort. There were Bamboo plants and thorny plants above the trenches to prevent easy attack. The fort starts from Vyppin and extends to Eastern parts of the riverside of Sampaloor and finally reaching to Anamalai hills. The Nedumkotta was designed by Eustatius Denaduct Delanoy and its expense was met by Kochi Ruler.

Photo Gallery of Nedumkotta.

In December 29th, 1789, Tippu Sultan attacked the Kotta but in the counter attack of Thiruvithamkur military, Tippu got a setback. Many parts of the Kotta were destroyed in this attack. Tippu couln't continue his campaign as he had to return to Mysore to resist the British Attack in Sriranga Pattanam.

Nedumkotta (long fort), Krishnankotta (fort of Krishna), Kottamuri (broken part of the fort), Kottavathil (door of the fort), Vattakotta (arch shaped area of the fort), and Kottappuram (outer part of the Fort) were some of the names still heard in this connection. Even though the forts which protected in the past had gone the valour of the Military men of the bygone era and their engineering skill and patriotism still remains in our hearts deep rooted.


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