Nirmala Matha Central School (CBSE), East Fort, Thrissur

Nirmala Matha Central School, Thrissur started functioning in June 1993 with the lofty vision of imparting to the youth, a progressive education suited to the changing needs and aspirations of the country. It is run by the Sisters of the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Nirmala Matha Central School (CBSE), East Fort, Thrissur

The school today has an experienced faculty of 95 well-qualified and devoted teachers and student strength of 2000. It focuses on forming persons who are intellectually advanced, culturally refined and spiritually solid.

Nirmala Matha Central School is situated at an easily accessible location, about 1KM from the Swaraj Round, on the Thrissur – Palakkad route.

The institution aims at offering education in an integrated way to all, irrespective of caste, creed and religion. All reasonable opportunities are afforded to foster leadership qualities and respect for others with a hardworking team of dedicated teaching professionals.

The school is certain to ensure the healthy growth of students into good citizens of the country. Nirmala Matha Central School provides a wide spectrum of opportunities for the students to nurture their abilities.

Special care is given, to keep the children immune to the corrupting influences of modern life, to accept the good things of life.

History of Nirmala Matha Central School, Thrissur

The school was inaugurated on 14th June 1993 by Rev. Fr. Antony Chemmannur. Classes for LKG, UKG and STD I were started in the convent with 104 students.

The School received NOC from the Department of Education in 1994.   During 1995 the school got recognition from the CBSE. In 1996 new building for Kindergarten section was inaugurated.

The school was recommended for affiliation to the CBSE for the Secondary level in 1997. 

In 1998 the first batch entered Class X. And in 1999 the school received sanction of affiliation for Senior Secondary. On 7th March 2001, first batch of Class XII students appeared for the public exams. Later in 2005 the language lab was introduced. In 2009, digital revolution in class rooms- Smart Class was implemented.


Nirmala Matha focuses on moulding young ones to be intellectually advanced, culturally refined and spiritually solid.  ‘Every effort is made to make each child good and smart’ with good heart and high moral values, etiquette and manners in thought and action. Children are gifts of God to mankind and they are a pride to the human race. 

The institution has the vision to imbue the young generation with noteworthy qualities, suitable to the changing needs and aspirations of the society.

With head high up, ready to take risks, face challenges in life and shoulder all responsibilities that come on their way.

To identify and nurture the innate talents of young scholars, diverse youth clubs have been instituted.  The students are encouraged to discover and recognize their tastes and develop them through the club activates.

The Drawing and Painting club provides an easel for the budding artists to flourish their first tentative strokes in the world of images and colours. 

Activities are supervised by art teachers. Creativity is encouraged and nourished by Soft Toys and Flower making. The students themselves can devise the innumerable designs and variations of the art.

Dance and Aerobics classes include lessons in dance and aerobics, catering to a wide range of interests from learning a few graceful movements of exercise to a deep interest in perfecting a traditional dance form.

Vocal and Instrumental Music club offers opportunities for vocal training as well as introduction to a few musical instruments. Karate club initiates the votaries of martial arts into the first lessons of the masterly art of defense under professional supervision.  Admission is open to upper primary and high school students only.

NCC training fosters the qualities of leadership, co-operation, discipline responsibility and service and prepares the students to face the hardships of life. To make the process of learning livelier and to remove monotony of classroom learning the school offers various activities.

Co-curricular Activities

Physical Education and games periods are allotted to all classes and students are encouraged to actively participate in sports and games. Sports camps and tournaments for basket ball, football, shuttle badminton and indoor games are held every year.

The system of Houses whereby the students are divided into four Houses (Blue, Red, Yellow and Green) under the leadership of House Captains has proved to be an efficacious way of building up team spirit and a healthy competitiveness. Inter-House competitions are held every year in both sports and games and cultural events.

The Student's council has been instituted with the primary aim of inculcating leadership qualities and self discipline among the students. The idea of self governance is promoted by giving this body the charge of general discipline while the school functions.

Facilities in Nirmala Matha Central School, Thrissur

Three well-equipped Science laboratories have been set up to conduct practical in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These are periodically updated to accommodate the changes in the syllabus.

The Junior Science Lab is designed to introduce the apparatuses and instruments used in scientific experiments and to awaken the students' interest in the application of science in life. Mathematics Lab aids the interpretation of abstract mathematical theorems through activities and models.

The Computer Lab is well-structured with around 71 computers. The institution has an excellent multimedia library and Internet club. The IT@school programme is followed in lower classes. The learning of English is perfected by the Language Lab.

Attention is given to the improvement of pronunciation and interactive skills through the highly sophisticated lab. Field trips and study tours are arranged for all classes as an extension of their academic syllabus to acquaint the students with places of historical importance and introduce them to the work in research centers and factories.

Address for Communication

Nirmala Matha Central School, East Fort, Thrissur, Kerala.

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