Oxbow Lake Vynthala Mala Thrissur

Vynthala Oxbow Lake of "Kanichan thura" (thura means lake in the local language Malayalam) at Vynthala a neighboring place of Mala. The Oxbow lakes are that naturally formed adjacent to the river and in the shape ox-bow is called "Oxbow lake".

Oxbow Lake Vynthala Mala Thrissur

Meandering the Natural Diversion of a River

The rivers that are coming from the mountain take diversion and assume the shape of English letter "U" in some parts of plane area. This natural process of river flow is called "meandering".

In the places of "meandering", the flow of the water will be slow and as a result the huge quantity of soil coming from the mountain is deposited on that side of the river. During the time of flood the two sides of the "meandering" is made free and leads to the formation of Ox-Bow Lakes.

Naturally Formed "Ox-bow" lake in Kerala

"Kanichan thura" at Vynthala is considered to be the only one naturally formed "Ox-bow" lake in Kerala. It was the Limnology Association of Kerala who found the specialty of "Kanichanthura" and completed its study in 1998.

Formerly it had almost 2000 meter length but now it has shortened to 1800 meter. Oxbow lakes are Geographically and Geologically important and it is the dwelling place of many important and rare creatures. A must see location in Kerala for tourists and students.

Chalakudy river take diversion to east where Oxbow lake has been formed

How to reach Vynthala Oxbow Lake

Visitors who comes to visit Vynthala Oxbow lake can hire taxis from Mala town or travel by regular buses plying Mala, Ashtamichira and Vynthala. The distance shall be from Mala to Ashtamichira 3 km and from Ashtamichira to Vynthala Bone Meal Factory 3 km. Turn right service road and travel 1 km towards south.

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