Parental Control - Block Internet Content Not Suitable For Your Children

As a way of combating the harmful effects of exposure to inappropriate content for our children such as violence or sex, the default browser in Windows, Internet Explorer has an option that will be extremely useful for those parents concerned about the safety of their sons. This tool, called Content Adviser, allow parents to have almost absolute control of the pages with sexually explicit and violent material. To enable this feature and enjoy the benefits can be sure that our children do not bombarded with inappropriate material, we must follow this short list of steps:

  1. We must first open Internet Explorer. We will move to the menu bar and the item "Tools", click on "Internet Options" and select the tab "Content".
  2. We drove up the tab "Content Adviser" and click on the button "Enable."
  3. In the window that appears, select the tab "Ratings". In this space there are four different types of content inappropriate for children. Nudity, Language, Sex and Violence.
  4. In order to adjust the values we deem appropriate, we just move the sliders to the point where we see fit.
  5. Once finished, press the button "OK".

Parental control of IE in windows

NOTE: If we wish, we can create a password so that adjustments can not be changed without our explicit permission.

  1. To create a password, we move to the tab "General", "Content Adviser and press the button" Password ".
  2. In the dialog box that appears, write the text we will use as a password, confirm it and click on "OK".
  3. We return to the Content Adviser and press "OK".