Procedure to Form / Set-up, and Organize a Cooperative Society in Kerala

First of all the Chief Promoter shall obtain the prior sanction from Joint Registrar for organizing the society and to collect initial share capital. The Promoters (in case the society is to be for individuals alone, at least, 25 individuals each of whom belonging to different family) should meet to constitute a committee, (Organization Committee or Promotting Committee) consisting 3 to 5 members among themselves with a convener. 

Procedure to Form / Set-up, and Organize a Cooperative Society in Kerala

The chief promoter to prepare the papers required for filing the applicable and draft bye-law of the proposed society. The committee so constituted shall draft bye-law (See Rule 5) and place the same before the promoters meeting for their approval. After the by-laws are approved and application got ready the same should be filed before the Joint Registrar either in person or by registered post.

Documents for the Registration of a Cooperative Society in Kerala

  1. Application form No. 1 (Duplicate) duly filled up and signed by at least 25 individuals. Challan receipt for Rs. 50/- shall be appended to the application for registration.
  2. Threes copies of proposed by-laws duly signed by at least 25 individual if all applicants are individual.
  3. Receipted Challan or a certification obtained from the financing bank in token having deposited the initial share capital.
  4. List of promoters in duplicate, who have contributed to share capital showing separately the amount contributed towards share and entrance fee. Besides, the list should contain the name of each promoter showing fathers name, profession, age, address and signature.
  5. A scheme showing the economics soundness of the proposed society.

Registration of a Cooperative Society in Kerala

The Joint Registrar after ascertaining the veracity of the statement in the applications and connected papers and if satisfied that the proposed society has complied with the requirements contemplated in the act and rules may register the society and its bye-laws and issue the certificate of registration after consulting the Registrar of co-operative society, if necessary, according to standing instruction. Application for registration shall be disposed of by the registrar within 90 days of receipt.

First General Body Meeting of a Cooperative Society

The first general body meeting of a society registered should be convened within 3 months from the date of the registration. The following Business should invariably be transacted in the meeting:

  1. Admission of members and allotment of share
  2. Approval of the statements of accounts as on date rendered by chief promoters
  3. Budget for the year.

Date of first general body is the date of starting of the working of the society.

End of Organization Committee or Promotting Committee

The promoting committee may continue in office for a period of three months from the date of registration with in which period that committee shall arrange to constitute a Managing Committee as per rule 35.

If the first general body is not held within 6 months, registrar can order winding-up of the society.