Ration Card Renewal: Draft Print Out For Verification and Correction

Civil Supplies Department has issued a notification clarifying how final off-line correction can be done by each applicant. Citizens to take care of the mistakes made by data entry workers???.


Ration Card Renewal Draft Printout for verification and correction

Department will send draft print out of each application to concerned ration shop for distributing to card applicant. Applicant (owner) to verify and correct it if any and return to ration shop.


In earlier statement, they said online correction won't be considered since offline facility provided. Now they again corrected their statement online correction also be taken for final consideration.


Those who already submitted corrections through online facility, need not do the offline correction.


Facility for Revising or Adding New Information

Additionally, applicant can add new information like children name if 2 years completed in January 2015, employment status of Govt. / Semi Govt. employees, retirement status, new address, new ward no etc.


After verification and correction, ration card renewal applicant to sign the declaration form stating it has been verified and corrected by her/him. Draft print out has to be given back within five days after correction.


Who Can Collect Draft Print Out of Ration Card Renewal Data Sheet?

Card Holder (applicant), Any ration card member except minors or person who has appointed as representative of the card holder (ie., an authorization letter from card holder to be produced).


Final Thought

It is better to get draft application from ration shop for verification and correction even if you have submitted corrections online. After verification and correction of your ration card details, take a photocopy as your evidence, because nobody can predict what these (b***)errs will do in the next step.


There's no consistency, no clarity, no idea how to do the responsibilities. Poor citizens! Poor voters!! Poor Tax payers!!!