Sringapuram Mahadeva Temple, Kodungallur

Lord Shiva holds a high esteem in the mind of Hindu devotees. There is a famous Shiva temple near Kodungallur Devi temple and is approximately 2 km away from the Devi temple.The name of the temple is Sringapuram Mahadeva Temple. Sage Rishyashringa is believed to have installed the idol here and the temple is next to the Kodungallur palace. Sringapuram means the land of Sringa which is the name of the Sage.

The Main Features of Sringapuram Mahadeva Temple

The main feature of this temple is that Lord Shiva is without his consort Goddesses Paravathi. Lord Shiva is in sorrowful mood here and the mood represents the penance faced by the lord after the self immolation of Sati during the Dakshayaga. It is believed that Lord Shiva is doing penance in the middle of the Panchagni.

This is one of the four thali temples build in the Chera capital of Mahodayapuram (Kodungallur).

The temple contains Shiva linga which is installed in five pratishta (Ainthali mode) which resemble the method followed in the ninth and tenth century. The temple architecture has many inscriptions from the 10th and 12th century. The gopuram of this temple is three storied.

The temple has no Upadevatha and the massive idol of Lord Shiva is placed at a high peedam.

The Festivals at Sringapuram Mahadeva Temple

As per the norm of Shiva temples, this temple also celebrates Shivarathri with grandeur. The annual festival of the temple is celebrated in the month of February-March. The festival will last eight days and there will be Arattu on the new moon day which falls after the Shivarathri.

Daily Rites of Sringapuram Mahadeva Temple

There are three pooja and three shreebalis conducted at this temple.

The Tantric Administration of Sringapuram Mahadeva Temple

Thamarasseri Mekkatt Illam overlooks the temple administration from tantric point of view.

The Main Shiva Temples Near Sringapuram Mahadeva Temple

Kodungallur Thiruvanchikulam Temple, Keraleswara Puram Shiva Temple and Vaddukumnathan temple in Thrissur are the main Shiva temples near this temple.

Vaddukumnathan Temple or Vaddukumnathan Temple is installed by the Lord Parushurama and is one of the largest and ancient Shiva temples and is situated in Thrissur cty, Kerala. The place is approximately 38 km away from Kodungallur. The temple is situated at a place of 9 acres.

Layout of Sringapuram Mahadeva Temple

As said earlier the temple is facing eastern side and the temple structure is situated in an enclosed compound. You should enter the temple through Gopuradvara and you will reach the three storied or 3 bay Natapandal. Beyond the natapandal you will see the dhwajastambha.

You can enter the Valiya ambalam through the agramandapa and this agramandapa has the valiyabalikkal. This portion is enclosed on three sides by wooden slats fixed on vertical wooden frames. When you cross the valiambalam you can enter the Akathebalivattom (inside Bali) and this portion contains the sanctum sanctorium.This portion has a narrow Mukhappu to the proper sri kovil.

The sri kovil is a square shaped dvi tala structure and there will be a mukhamandapa in the front. The mukha mandapam has two doors and that will be on the northern and southern side. There will be granite steps and banisters .Nandi is situated on the mukhamandapa and it is situated on the longitudinal axes.

The adhishtana will consist of the moldings in granite topped by a granite vedika. The gandharvas are on the south, west, north side and granite pranala on the northern side is the simplest type.

The thidapalli or the place where food for the God is made on the North Eastern corner which is considered as the Agnikone area and the temple does not have an separate namaskar mandapam and on the outer wall of the nalaambalam, granite lamps are fixed at regular intervals.

The inside balivattom is presented inside the Nalambalam on the four sides and outside the Nalambalam, there are four shrines and they are placed at diagonal corners and each small shrines have a Shiva linga.

How to reach at Sringapuram Mahadeva Temple, Kodungallur?

The temple is situated In the NH17 Kodungallur-Paruvur route between Kodungallur and Thiruvanchikulam.

Nearby Railway station: Ernakulam (30 km away) and Thrissur (38 km away) are the major railway stations close to Kodungallur town. Irinjalakuda railway station lies just 22 km away and the other railway station that is close is the Aluva railway station.

Nearby Airport: Cochin International Airport (35 km away).The airport has well connected services to major cities of India and has many international services also.

By Road: Kodungallur is well connected by NH17 and there are many Kerala government buses and private buses that ply through this town and is well connected with nearby places.


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