View and Update Renewal of Ration Card Details for Verification in Kerala

Civil Supplies Department, Kerala has issued a notice to public regarding its ongoing process of ration card renewal, an opportunity to verify the data, department has entered for each of the ration cards. Citizen can login using their ration card number and captcha to view what details they have entered to our new ration card.

This facility is only for a few days and only one chance for every card holder so that anyone want to make sure their data, they have to act on or before 28th of August 2015.

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Draft Beneficiary List and online Checking

Notification to verify ration card renewal details issued by Civil Supplies Department Kerala

Image showing Notification to verify ration card renewal details issued by Civil Supplies Department Kerala

How to Verify and Edit Your Ration Card Details?

When I try to get my details, I found temporary site designed to work only with Chrome browser and it seems a cumbersome task for an ordinary net user. If something to be edited you have to write it in a separate text box after entering a verification code received as SMS.

I tried this two times but there were no SMS and unable to submit my edit data. Here is the link address for verifying renewal of ration card data: http:// . I succeeded in the third attempt ie., submitted my edit request and took a print out for my record.

After login, you will be presented a details page with photo of owner of ration card, then second page will have the member details and then third page shows a text box, mobile number and SMS password field to submit your data edit request.

Following are the screen shots of various pages we can verify the accuracy of ration card details:

Kerala Ration Card Renewal Data Verification Login Screen

Image showing Login screen for Ration card renewal data verification in Kerala.

After successful submission, you will be directed to verified page having the final details of your renewed ration card. Click on print  button if you want to keep a record for yourself. Here is the screen shot for third page having remarks (edit request):

Ration Card renewal verification and edit request

Image showing Ration Card renewal verification and edit request, Kerala.

Warning and Precautions for Accuracy Checking and Updating Your ration Card Details:

1. If you use any browser other than Chrome, it will be very difficult to get through.

2. If you want to verify your Aadhaar card number, Gas connection number, electricity number, bank account number and Voter ID number, it require minimum 10 minutes to go. Within this time, site cookie will expire and you may have to login again.

3. Now Civil Supplies Department tries to leave responsibility of making your Ration Card accurate upon each of the card owners itself. Be cautious and make yourself satisfied what you have entered before pressing save button. Helpline numbers are good for nothing.


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I can't open the site kindly check and update. I am using google chrome browser. is now not functioning normally. It has been verified by us. you may please tell us the functioning time of the site.


Could open the cite but didn't locate "ration card details", the specific point to go further

You may please use this direct link: (copy and paste it to your browser address bar or click on it).

This link not working. At least they should provide a user friendly web site.

Online verification and correction of ration card has been closed since they started offline method through concerned ration shops. Online verification was not only nonsense but wasted crores of rupees, efforts and valuable time of citizens. Now Department clarifies that they consider only offline correction request which will be collected through ration shops.

Without studying feasibility and functionality, somebody decides something and throwing to the public. This is what we had seen on ration card verification software.

Department officials are making nonsenses but burden and punishments to go to citizens.

In my personal opinion, the complete expenses for online verification process to be incurred from officials who involved in the project.

All said and seen, responsibility ends up at our IAS babus, their professionalism stands questioned. The poor taxpayer who pays their salary must have a right to remove them and punish for their follies, for real democracy.

What a Pity! Neither politicians nor public bother these kind of corruptions / ignorance. Acceptance of mistakes or showing headstrong of govt. officials becomes our culture. How to unite and stand against such issues. Any ans......?

In my personal opinion, the complete expenses for on-line verification process to be incurred from officials who involved in the project. This will be a good practice. Then only our officials will understand their responsibilities

As per your advertisement in the leading dailies I tried to see the details.But I even could not enter my Ration Card Number in the specified column.Then what is the use in the ad.Kindly send me an answer.

Most probably you may not have entered characters in the captcha field. Please try to understand it is a method to verify whether you are a human or not OR in other words, spam protection. Though, currently there are lot of sophisticated methods available, our lazy programmers keep their old easy to use method "CAPTCHA". They are hesitant to upgrade or update their skills because they know they will get their salary.

Captcha is found to be difficult for some people especially old aged people. If this is the case, you please try to get help of a youngster or any other experienced net user.

Thousands of people succeeded already on verification of Ration card data and ensured accuracy of what details have been entered into the new ration card.

Try once again. Best of luck.

I want to do some corrections and when I am giving the mobile number for secret password, it says unable to send secret password. What is the reason for that ?

It is advisable to use Chrome browser and ensure JavaScript enabled. If you use other than Desktop and Laptop, there may be difficulties getting SMS password. I too had succeeded in the third attempt. Avoid mobiles and tabs for Accuracy checking of Ration Card details.

You have to specify page number and item number in the Remarks box along with description of what modifications to be done. For example, you have correction in Page #1, Item #17 which is gas connection number. You have to write:

Page #1, Item #17 to be changed into: (Correct number here).

In this way, your request will be sent to officials, and after verification, it would be incorporated by them in the real card.

I hope you are convinced.

My card No is : (deleted), Remesh Babu, I am mentally retard person (HDPD)
I am getting Govt Disabled pension, NO (deleted). This I forgot to add my card information and once I rectified mistake in my name, so I am not able to rectify again. Email: (deleted)

You can make a correction request as per the guidance given in the verification site. Besides, you may please contact your TSO/DSO/CRO for immediate action.

This type of data may not be updated without verifying evidences and proper documentations. Most probably it will be updated after completion of Ration card delivery.

My name is E.T. sreenivasan and my card no is.2051058494. On verification of data for the renewal of ration card,it was found that almost all the details were given wrongly. In this regard, I sent a request to the District supply officer, Malappuram on 09.09.2015 for necessary correction and copy of the same to the Hon. Minister for Food and Supplies. The office of the Hon. Minister for food and civil supplies registered my complaint vide no.1553/GL/15/M(-CS&R) dated 10.09.2015 and gave direction to DCS Civil Supplies Dept. Trivandrum for necessary action. Though seventeen days have passed since the direction was given,till date no correction has been made.
Expecting a favourable reply in this regard at the earliest.

sir,am a degree student i want to submit new card (BPL) copy in college for scholorship purpose .when we got the new card

Kerala people are said to be more justified in every sense but there are real facts which tells the truth. Latest is ration card compulsion without homework and making citizens cry. Why not approaching court to stop this compulsion at least for service pensioners. No logic explains for service pensioners in this regards.