Frequently Asked Questions About Ration Card (Ration Card FAQ)

Indian Ration Card lets you not only obtaining rationing articles from ration shop but it uses as a proof of identity and address proof. In some occasions, it acts as an income proof too. Here we mainly look into the Ration Card FAQs over type of ration cards and rationing articles from Fair Price Shops.


What are the classification of Ration Card?

There are five types of ration card:

  1. APL ration card
  2. BPL ration card
  3. Antordoy Anna Yojna card
  4. Annapurna Anna Yojna card
  5. Nirashrit Antordoy Anna Yojna card

Upto age of 12 years, a half unit ration card is issued and full unit ration card is issued in case of age more than 12 years.


Frequently Asked Questions About Ration Card (Ration Card FAQ)


What are the Documents Required for Applying Ration Cards in Various States of India?

The required enclosures for an APL ration card are: a proof of residence (the person's name must be enlisted in Passport / Voter list / Bank pass book / Land registry copy / Telephone bill/ Electric bill / Aadhaar), birth certificate (for family member of half unit) and two copies of photograph of the Head of the family.


In case a person applies for a BPL/Antordoy Anna Yojna ration card, then the required enclosures are BPL certificate and two copies of photograph of the Head of the family.


For Annapurna Anna Yojna ration card, every ward member sends a list of people who are eligible, in his/her ward to RMC's ration department.


In case a person applies for a Nirashrit Antordoy Anna Yojna ration card, then the required enclosures are proof of nirashrit (the bank pass book for getting the nirashrit pension) and two copies of photograph of the Head of the family. (if the person is under BPL, BPL certificate is also required).


For obtaining a new ration card of any of the above type, the applicant has to produce a "No Objection Certificate" from the respective ration shop of his/her ward, certifying that he/she does not have any ration card in that shop.


What are the methods available for applying Ration card in Indian States?

Application for the ration card can be submitted either directly to your Taluk Supply office / District Supply office (TSO/DSO office) OR online submission. Detailed information and step by step procedure for both online application and offline (direct) application for obtaining ration cards are found here.


What are the services provided by the Department Of Civil Supplies, Government Kerala?

Rice, Wheat, Levy Sugar and Kerosene are the rationed articles supplied through the ration shops to the card holders in the state under the Public Distribution System (PDS).


Distribution of Rationed Rice and Wheat

The family ration card is issued on the basis of house to house enumeration of the details of families. One Unit per day is allowed to a non-adult and two Units per day is allowed for an adult.


Under the Rationing System every month the Government of India allocate Rice, Wheat, Sugar and Kerosene to the State Government. The Rice and Wheat so allocated by the Government of India are stored in the various godowns in the state by the Food Corporation of India (FCI) in the state.


The Food Corporation of India is having their 22 Sub depots in 14 Districts and they distribute Rice and Wheat directly to the Wholesale Distributors who will supply the stock lifted to retail depot in accordance with the authority list issued by the Taluk/City Rationing Officers.


The Authorised Wholesale Distributors are appointed by the District Collectors while the Retail Distributors are appointed by the District Supply officers.


The Authorised Retail Distributors distribute to the cardholders the rationed articles on production of the ration cards issued by the Taluk Supply officers/City Rationing Officers at the scale and price fixed by the Government from time to time.


How does Levy Sugar distributed to Ration Card Holders?

The Levy Sugar allotted by the Government of India is lifted by the Civil Supplies Corporation and made available for distribution to the ARDs at their Taluk levels Depots. The ARDs lift the levy sugar from the Taluk Depot of the Corporation and distribute it to the card holders.


How does Kerosene distributed to Ration Card holders?

The whole operation of distribution of kerosene is governed by the Kerala Kerosene Control Order, 1968, promulgated by the State Government under the Essential Commodities Act, 1955.


As per this order, sufficient number of kerosene Wholesale Dealers (KWDs) for a Taluk are appointed by the District Collector concerned and these KWDs lift the stock of kerosene allotted to them every month by the Departmental Officers from the respective Oil Companies, I.O.C., B.P.C., and H.P.C., and make it available for distribution to the ARDs who in turn lift the stock allotted to them and distribute it to card holders.


What does it mean 1 unit in Ration card?

At present one unit ration is defined as 1 Kg.


What are the types of Ration Cards Available?

There are mainly two types of cards available. APL (Above Poverty Line) Ration Cards for the families of above Poverty Line and BPL (Below Poverty Line) Ration Cards for those families belonging to Below Poverty Line.


Other cards coming under the BPL category were the AAY (Anthyodaya Anna Yojana Scheme) Ration Cards for the poorest families among the BPL families and ANP (Annapurna Scheme) Ration Card meant for the senior citizens above the age of 65 in BPL families.


What does it mean temporary ration Card?

Temporary Ration Cards are issued to those who stay temporarily in any part of the state.


What are the uses of a Ration Card?

Ration Card is the basic document for the purchase of rationed articles under the Targeted Public Distribution System. The Taluk Supply Officer (TSO) / Assistant Taluk Supply Officer (ATSO) is the Officer empowered to issue Ration Cards and to make available the food grains for distribution through FPS (Fair Price Shops).


Though Ration Cards are permitted to be used for drawing rationed articles only, it is widely recognized and used as identity card, for exercise of franchise, obtaining passport, Bank loans, LPG connection, telephone connection, driving license etc. The Ration cards should not be used for any purpose other than for the issue of food-grain under TPDS.


There are 78 Comments

I have removed my name from my parent's ration card and i have received deduction certificate. But still we have not applied for addition of my name in my husband's ration card.
I heard that deduction certificate is valid for 6 months.
Can you please confirm its validity? and also if its validity is expired then what is the procedure?

Dear Sir,

I just want to confirm that whether marriage is compulsory if we are applying for a new ration card?
I went to Bhandup(Mumbai) Ration card office one month before. They told me that you can't apply for a new ration card if you are not married.

In some States, ration card is restricted to Single persons specifically for Single / Unmarried males. Please contact your Rationing officer to know exact rule. As far as my knowledge is concerned there is provision to obtain rations cards for single / unmarried male in Maharashtra.

I am single unmarried female. My parents have passed away and I am residing separately from last three years. I would like to apply for a ration card. Can u please tell me what is the procedure?

intially we have a single ration card .now My parents and my ration card are individual.
now we want to make a single ration card on the name of my parents i.e add ours name in parents ration card.please suggest me is it possible again makes a single ration card and what is the process.

Reuniting ration cards is possible if both parties are staying together. Make a request for cancelling one ration card and include those members to other card. Contact your TSO / DSO / CRO for application form and further guidance.

You can apply for a deduction certificate from your parents Rationing officer based on details of old ration card that has your name.

Since the old ration card has lost its validity, the food services at vyalikaval told me to apply for a ration card on Bangalore and after 1 month I should ask them for deduction certificate. The proof to obtain a ration card is only adhaar card, and my adhaar card has been already changed to goa address.
I have informed the same to goa Mamaladar, they told me to get a NOC saying that I do not obtain a ration card anywhere in India ...

My mother is a widow & we belong in to poor family..but we got APL card...enikariyavunna joliyulla orupad alukalkku BPL card ayi...njangale polulla pavangalod enthinaanu? APL card ayathode njangalude ration ariyum mutti..

Respected Sir, I have not included my 18 year old daughters name to my ration card, what documents are required to do it now. I am from Mumbai, Maharashtra. Request your guidance please. Sunil Gera

We got pink ration card. But there are some doubt among people that those who have this card will have difficulty applying for whatever needs (eg., Higher education of children, passport, regarding go to other country etc..). So everybody says blue or white ration card is good for future needs.

I wish to know that this information is correct or not.

Sir, my ration card is a temporary one. What can I do for getting the original ration card.

Now i am in kerala after my job canceled by the company in gulf i have no plan to go gulf again. In kerala i have no income and my ration card is blue colour which is not sufficient for my family. Can i change my card to priority colour like yellow or pink

You can apply for changing your current ration card type. The request will be accepted by Civil Supplies Department after completing issuance of new ration cards. It will be notified through medias.

We have applied for new ration card but after even long wait, It is not received by us so please tell what should we do?

Our ration card is from 2005-2009. Now we have to renew the card or apply for a new card? If so when will we get it

I have ration card in Kerala and Kerala it is a apl card and in telangana it is bpl.any problem Will come having ration card in two states.

Hum dubara se new ration card bana skte hain agr humare paas pehle se ek ration card hotoh?

The new Rationing system of identification of ration card holder by using his finger impression created problems. My father, aged 90 years having ration card no. 2366106395 in KANNUR Taluk and Kannur District was not able to avail his ration as his finger print was not recognized by the new machine introduced in the ration shop. He is not in a position to travel to the Supplies Office, which is 40 kilometers away. please advice what he has to do get the ration supply.

my wife is a nri,and her name is deducted from her ration card.
my question is as i and my kids are staying in india can i apply for a ration card?
if yes in whose name?

Sir I belong to Bihar state and my name is LALITA DEVI from THENGO nabinagar Aurangabad I had applied for bpl ration card in 2018 but I haven't received the ration card till now.

I, have by far used my ration card on april 2019....i.e 3 months before.
I will not be in need of it for around 2 years. So my question arises that will my ration card be cancelled if not being used for the particular duration of time?