Old Age Home

List of Old Age Homes In Kerala

Old Age Homes In Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

  1. Care Home, Chackai, Thiruvanathapuram, 695 024.
  2. Sree Karthika Thirunal Lakshmibhai Geriatric Centre, Poojappura, Thiruvanathapuram, 695 012.
  3. Mitranikethan, Vellanadu, Thiruvanathapuram, 695 543
  4. Santhi Haven, Bethany Convent, Kuravankonam, Thiruvanathapuram,695 003.
  5. Anpu Nilayam, Anpu Nilayam Building, L M S Compound, Cheruvarakonam, Parassala, 695502.
  6. Ananda N

Charity at Mala Kerala

Charity at Mala Kerala
While one facet of charity involves uplifting those not yet empowered, another facet must include the active undoing of these man-made imperfections. Because we as individuals normally lack the drive and resolve to fight injustices on our own, government safety nets provide a passive way for normal citizens to contribute, even if trivially, to the undoing of such societal injustices.

Karuna Bhavan, Mala Kerala

Sisters of Destitute - karunabhavan mala Kerala

Karuna Bhavan, Mala, Home for the Aged and Infirm, Sisters of the Destitute, Mala, Thrissur. Sisters of the Destitute is anchored on the compassionate of love of Jesus Christ, the Son of God who, though rich, became a poor Destitute in order to share the salvific love of the Heavenly Father with the destitute and the marginalized.